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T/A Long Bay Hotel, Antigua.
Long Bay Hotel Antigua, has been welcoming travelers to Antigua for over 40 years. Our past is what defines us, we continue to offer Travelers a unique Caribbean (Antiguan) vacation experience, based upon the Island we first discovered so long ago. The key word here is Caribbean, today many Caribbean Island Resorts offer great locations, beaches, sports and great amenities, however they seem to lose the feel of the islands, omitting the relaxation and easy friendly style that has made the Caribbean and Antigua so popular. We here at Long Bay Antigua, more an Inn and small Resort than a Hotel, offer a holiday experience that mimics the past by emphasizing a relaxed, easy going atmosphere, while offering you the guest; modern activities and service, at a price that is reasonable.
Long Bay Hotel, Antigua built in 1959 and opened as a small resort in 1966, was designed with space and comfort as a priority. Although our Hotel, Resort and Inn only offers 25 accommodations, which are spacious not massive, there is far more comfortable public area spaces, for our guests comfort, then one would expect. We offer a free standing Beach House directly on Long Bay Beach which offers our guests the convenience of food and cocktails just yards from the calm Caribbean sea. There is a Club House which supports the Hats OFF Cocktail Lounge, the Turtle Restaurant, the Bayside patio, a Large Games room and a 1000 title Library, as well as a reception area.
Long Bay Hotel, Antigua, a Caribbean Resort and Inn was started by the Lafaurie Family in 1966. With an addition of many services, over the life of the Resort, we are now a Small Antiguan Resort & Inn that offers services, that rival, many a 5 STAR Caribbean Resort, Inns and Hotels. Although the size of the resort limits us some, with the help of you the Holiday maker, one can expect a Vacation experience here at Long Bay Hotel, Antigua, that is unique and enjoyable, while still maintaining the feel of the Caribbean that has made Antigua, many Traveler's first choice, for a  winter Holiday.
Member of The Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Assoc.
Sustainable Antigua Tourism.
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Long Bay Hotel, Antigua
Welcoming Antiguas Guests for over 40 Years
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Dining Tonight at Long Bay Hotel, Antigua
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Long Bay Hotel, Antigua a Caribbean Inn  and Beach Resort, offers water everywhere. Our location is unsurpassed as we are sandwiched between two (2) bodies of Water. The First being by far, Antigua's "Best Swimming Beach" Long Bay Beach supporting calm, shallow waters with a living reef just yards off-shore. Second is our Bayside named Indian Town Creek, after the Arawak Indians who settled here, in what we now call Antigua; many years ago. The Bayside at Long Bay Antigua is a large, calm, protected body of water with a barrier reef at the entrance, which makes the Bayside perfect for all types of water sports, which are all offered directly from the Hotel.
A Traditional Caribbean Inn, Resort and Hotel
Experience a Caribbean style Immortalized by the likes of James Mitchner, Ernest Hemmingway, Herman Wouk & James Bond.
Photos © C. Lafaurie & D. Woodcock.
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As far as the Real Estate goes here are the particulars.
5.5 Acres.
20  Guest Rooms.
5 Free   Standing  Guest Cottages.
Main Building:  
Lobby & lounge, 1156 sq. ft.      
Cocktail Bar & Lounge, 1410 sq. ft         
55 seat Restaurant, 1015 sq. ft.      
Games room, 1050 sq. ft.      
M/F Restrooms, 420 sq. ft.      
Kitchen, 1625 sq. ft  
Staff Quarters & Laundry/Maintenance,  2208  sq.  ft
Beach House:
Beach Frontage, 200 linier ft.      
80 Seat Restaurant indoor, 2750 sq. ft.         
Restaurant Patio outdoor, 2300 sq. ft.         
Cocktail Bar, included in above.      
Kitchen, 576 sq. ft.  
M/F Restrooms, 420 sq. ft.      
Attic Apartment, 780 sq.   ft.
Bay Side Water  Front:
Boat House
6 Slip Dock
3 Sunfish
3 Xcite   Sailboat
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Hotel For Sale Prospectus (PDF File) Click here.
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