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T/A Long Bay Hotel, Antigua.
A Traditional Caribbean Inn, Resort and Hotel
Long Bay Hotel, a Caribbean Inn  and Beach Resort, offers several types of living spaces to suite your needs. We have 20 bedrooms, all of which offer either a Four Poster King bed or two Four Poster Twin beds. Our Bay's Edge Upper rooms are located on the 2nd floor with the Bay's Edge lower rooms below, on the ground level, just feet from the clear water of the bay. We also offer 5 free standing cottages, each is different, these all offer a bit more space and comfort along with full kitchens and living spaces. We suggest families traveling with children consider these for their, maximum enjoyment.
Long Bay Hotel offers Five separate Cottages, they are the Harbor House, Hill House, Round House, Cliff House and finally the View House cottage. Each has its own floor plan and its own character. The three biggest cottages are the Harbor, Cliff and View with the View House offering two separate, bathrooms. All the cottages offer fully equipped kitchens, although most choose not to cook while on Holiday, Living spaces, Sleeping areas and of course ensuite baths. If you are seeking more comfort or would like the added convenience of a full kitchen with a refrigerator, we suggest you book one of our cottages.
Long Bay Hotel's Bay's Edge accommodations are comfortable and offer a plantation home's guest room feel. Each offers Four Poster beds, Rocking chair, Vanity, Ceiling and desk fans although they are rarely needed and a larger than normal porch. The porch has an island planters lounge chair along with a very comfortable easy chair to relax in and watch the water of the bay; colors change. Long Bay is a media free zone so one won't find a TV. AC or a personal phone in any of our accommodations, we feel, it ads to the peacefulness and your, overall enjoyment.
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All our Accommodations Offer an island style decor with Original Art, Four Poster Beds, Ceiling Fans, abundant lighting, Ensuite bathrooms, Beach Towels, Planters chaise lounge, Large Patio, Balcony or porch, potable water, generous shower pressure and cooling island breezes.
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Dining Tonight at Long Bay Hotel, Antigua
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Long Bay Hotel, Antigua
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