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As you may have realized by now, much of Long Bay Hotel Antigua's charm, is its water location. For those of you who choose to visit with us,  it will be impossible for you to escape, the water views which surround us. The main Hotel and Club House are situated on the Bayside which is named  " Indian Town Creek", see photo above, one must agree it is a fantastic view. Our Club House and Hotel are literally just feet from the lapping, clear waters of the Bayside. Also this bay faces East so the cooling tropical breezes are funneled down the bay and directly through our hotel. Not only does this location offer great views of the sea but cooling breezes as well.
In the picture above, at the very top of the the Bay lies Devil's Bridge, part of the Indian Town National park. There is a legend that long ago people of less than true value were sacrificed to the sea by being  thrown into the churning waters below the bridge, we'll never know for sure. Today many visitors, visit the area for the crashing waves, the water spout and the spectacular panoramic views of Nonsuch Bay. This area is only a 20 minute stroll from our front door.
The Bayside at Long Bay Hotel, Antigua is perfect for the many water sports that are available to our guests. Capitalizing on the Trade Winds, sailing is of course a given, the Resort offers Sunfish, for the novice and Xcite sailboats for the more experienced sailor, there are also several Ocean Kayaks and Windsurfers.  Another bonus is that since the Trade Winds travel towards the hotel, there is no worry of not being able to get home, in the worst case, one just floats back to the Inn. Swimming in the bay is ideal for those who like to swim laps, the water is calm and at an average depth of 8 feet, deep enough for long strokes, sadly as Long Bay Beach is truly superb, many choose to enjoy a lazy beach day rather than a zealous swim.
The Bayside at Long Bay Hotel Antigua, supports a abundance of sea life, unfortunately many of our guests miss this undersea wildlife as they spend most of their time enjoying the beautiful beach at Long Bay. If one was to have patience and actually spend some quite time looking into the clear waters of the bay, off the dock, one might glimpse a Sting Ray, Small Lobster, Snappers, Porcupine  (Puffer) fish, along with numerous other sea life, to many to list. We suggest each guest takes the time to sit calmly on the dock or shore gazing into the crystal clear waters, who knows what one might encounter?
 Sea Life.
 Devil's Bridge National Park.
 Water Everywhere.
 Calm Clear Water.
 "The View"
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Photos © C. Lafaurie & D. Woodcock.
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