A Traditional Caribbean Inn, Resort and Hotel
20/20 Cricket Oct. 20 to Nov. 2nd. 2008
Antigua's Independence Day Celebrations Nov. 2nd.
Long Bay Hotel, Antigua's, Beach House is situated directly on Long Bay Beach. The Beach at Long Bay is known throughout Antigua as one of the best swimming beaches on the island, boasting calm, shallow, crystal clear waters. Swimming at Long Bay beach is relaxing for adults and safe for children, many a child has taken their first "Sea-bath" here at Long Bay Hotel, Antigua. There is a Barrier Reef just yards from the shore, so superb snorkeling is available for both the novice and the more seasoned, under sea explorer. Come enjoy the undersea wonders with us.
The Beach House is located just feet from the soft pink sand, where interesting food and imaginative drinks, are available while being only steps away, from your personal planters style beach chaise lounge. The Beach house is there for your enjoyment at all times, the restaurant and bar are open daily from 10:30AM. to 6:00PM. Once a week we offer a Beach House Barbecue for our guests, highlighted by a local steel band, playing soft Caribbean sounds, while the sea laps at the shore.
We here at Long Bay believe that space ensures a luxurious feeling, to that end, the Beach House at Long Bay Antigua a Resort & Inn offers each of it's guests a personal Planters style Beach Chaise Lounge. Also our  Beach House restaurant and beach bar is designed so that all can enjoy, there many spaces available for each of our guests to savor in total comfort, while spending quality time enjoying the Sun, Sea & Sand. Finally we all know that too much sun isn't good so there are several cool comfortable shaded areas where a great nap or a good book can be enjoyed.
Our sun is hot and our sand cool so we suggest vigilant moderation when it comes to the Sun. Oddly the sand on Long Bay beach is so white it reflects all the Suns rays, this of course makes it great for walking, without getting one's feet burned but also this fact means that all the Sun's rays are reflected back to you, the Traveler, even if you're enjoying, the shade. We suggest all should be more careful then normal and ever mindful of the Sun, when enjoying the beach at Long Bay Hotel, Antigua. "PARADISE" has a price.
 Best Swimming on Antigua.
 Beach Restaurant & Bar.
 Careful Our Sun is Intense.
 Space is Valued.
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