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T/A Long Bay Hotel, Antigua.
A Traditional Caribbean Inn, Resort and Hotel
Long Bay Hotel, a Caribbean Inn  and Beach Resort, is very proud and fortunate to offer our Guests an extensive lend Library. Over the years many of our guests have chosen to donate to our Library, for other visitors to read, the books they have brought with them on Holiday. The books we now offer, free, are as varied as our guests; some guests chose to read for entertainment and some guests think that they will finally finish that tome that has been just too big or ambitious to tackle during regular life. For this reason we now can offer over 1000 thousand book titles for you to enjoy. Bring a book or two, leave them for others and return home with the book you started but didn't finish, while here in "Paradise".
The Library & Games room at Long Bay Hotel is a generous space offering enough room for many to enjoy simultaneously. There are separate areas for Billiards, Table tennis, Bridge, Cards and board games and still there is room to grab a book and catch a few pages. The room is perfectly designed to offer a place for those who've had too much Sun, Sea and Sand to relax in, while still providing one with a pure sense, of being in the Caribbean. There are large windows which overlook the Bay while still offering that ever cooling breeze, so welcome here in the islands.
The Library and Games room at Long Bay Hotel is a great space for children. Actually I should write it is "GREAT" space for parents as, while you are enjoying cocktails or an evening meal your children can be safe and entertained, by all the fun that can be enjoyed in the Games room, away from the Cocktail Bar and Turtle Restaurant. There are many board games available for young people, Monopoly, Clue, Shut the Box there are playing cards, there are darts and finally there is Warri a local board game, (see montage above) played with round seeds, on a wodden boad, as easy to learn as Backgammon and as hard to master as Chess. All of this will ensure a fun time and peace for all.
 Children TOO!.
 A Good Read.
 Games for Fun.
 "One Thousand Books and...."
Photos © C. Lafaurie & D. Woodcock.
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Dining Tonight at Long Bay Hotel, Antigua
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Long Bay Hotel, Antigua
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