A Traditional Caribbean Inn, Resort and Hotel
Long Bay Hotel Antigua's, theme is the sea and water so, it stands to reason Water Sports are a big part of what we offer here at the Resort. Of course there is great swimming, in addition, we also offer most popular types of water sports. There is sailing, we have two different models, the Sunfish perfect for the beginner and always enjoyable for the experienced sailor. Sunfish, for those of us who are true sailors, are probably the first sailboats we captained on our own, just looking at a sunfish, sail luffing, brings back fond memories for most of us. We also offer Excite sailboats for the more adventurous sailor, they are small, fast and bit temperamental, so expect to capsize, if you choose to tackle the speedy Excites. Besides the two sailboats mentioned above we also offer Ocean Kayaks and Windsurfers, for your enjoyment. All non-motorized equipment is complimentary for our guests.

Long Bay Hotel, a Caribbean Inn  and Beach Resort, offers motor boats, as well as man, or sail powered boats. We have two Boston Whalers ® a 13' & 20' for our motorized Water Sports. We encourage you to sample our Guided Snorkeling trips to outer island reefs, inshore fishing trips, we hope you catch the big one, picnic trips, we pack the picnic, you enjoy an uninhabited island, a taxi service to Harmony Hall, a favorite spot for a fancy European long lunch, water skiing and sightseeing tours of Nonsuch Bay. All motorized water sports are not included, each incurs local fees.
Long Bay Hotel is first and foremost a water themed Resort but we do offer land sports. We have a championship lighted, all-weather tennis court, for your use, remember to bring Tennis shoes, Racquets and balls as we don't offer them. We also offer badminton, Billiards, Table Tennis, Sand Quoits, Boules, kids sand castle building tools and Nature trails. We have found, by observation that many, who have great thoughts of daily activities, filling up their days, often end up re-charging their spent body batteries, by enjoying a BOOK, a Rum Drink and a personal Beach Chaise lounge, instead.
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